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Since 11Th Nov- 2013

Last updated on: 22/07/2016

Performance Indicators for Commercial Tax Department

S.No. Department functions Quantity measures Timeliness and quality measures

1 Registration and filing compliance
  • Number of new registrants
  • Number of non-filers by tax type
  • Average time to complete new
  • registration
  • Average time to resolve non-
  • filer case
  • Late penalties assessed
  • Accuracy of taxpayer register
2 Taxpayer services and education
  • Total Number of taxpayers assisted
    • Telephone
    • Walk-in Written correspondence
    • E-mail
    • Internet site hits
  • Number of advisory visits
  • Number of educational seminars
  • Average taxpayer wait time for service
  • Average time to respond to written taxpayer requests
  • Accuracy of responses provided Utility of visits and seminars (determined by surveys)
3 Returns processing and payment
  • Number of returns processed, by tax type
  • Number of refunds issued, by tax type Percentage of returns filed electronically Percentage of returns filed by paper Number of payments processed (manually and electronic)
  • Total value of payments processed
  • Average processing time
  • Average number of days to issue a refund
  • Return processing accuracy/error rate
  • Payment processing accuracy/error rate
4 Arrears collection
  • Total value of arrears collected
  • Total number of collection cases closed
  • Total number of taxpayers contacted
  • Total resources (person years) assigned
  • Average annual collection per person year
  • Average age of collection cases Percentage of cases resolved within X months
  • Collection case quality (based on specific scoring tools)
5 Audit and investigations
  • Number of audits completed by tax type (and by taxpayer segment where applicable)
    • Simple
    • Comprehensive
    • Thematic
    • etc
  • Additional tax assessed by audit, by tax type
  • Total resources (person years) assigned
  • Additional tax assessed per person year Number of investigations completed
  • Average time to complete audit
  • by type of audit
  • Audit quality (based on specific
  • scoring tools)
  • Average time to complete an
  • investigation
6 Appeals
  • Total number of appeals cases closed
  • Total resources (person years) assigned
  • Value of adjustments on appeal
  • Number of cases heard by courts
  • Average length of appeals case
  • Appeals case quality (based on specific scoring tools)
  • Degree to which legal deadlines are me
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