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The Institute has been conceived with the ambitious objectives of developing professional expertise and skilled manpower in Taxation and related areas. This will enable the department to exploit efficiently emerging market from the view of Taxation, and meet challenges being thrown up by the rapid unification of the market, which is influencing virtually every area of development and social activity. As an apex nucleating institute in the area of Taxation, the establishment of the Institute is a major step of Govt. of UP towards exploiting multi-dimensional facets of Indirect Taxation at all levels, and attaining expertise to enable the department to emerge as a major revenue earner of the State.

Create a modern state tax Administration system that is efficient, effective, and equitable. To develop the personnel who create conducive atmosphere to investment, economic growth and free flow of goods and services within the common market of India.

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Commercial Tax Officer Training Institute is a flourishing cauldron of excellence in training of taxation and Executive development. Having established its footprint in the state the institute's vision is to become one of the best training centers in the country. A vision where institute's offerings are continuously updated in keeping with the ever changing global business environment and also meeting our social responsibilities.

The Institute has consistently focused on designing practice oriented learning and a contemporary economy focused curriculum. Our highly experienced faculty members have increasingly worked on the practical problems and have made significant contribution to know-how world-wide. The Officer who have been trained at the Institute have developed their latent managerial and leadership capabilities.

We are committed towards creating a community which is vibrant and which provides a lifelong learning experience and professional development. The key to success of any organization / department lies on the skill, knowledge and attitude of its officers. Commercial Tax department is the department, whose officers carry much weight to uplift the society. This is the department which contributes approx 64% of the entire state revenue.

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